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In the public space course in my junior year, we were asked to design a Titanic brand of immersive drama. This option was chosen by the client.

In November 2017, It was shown on the Huangpu River cruise ship in Shanghai, China. Changed the scene of the ordinary theater subject to constraints, it will be on board and sailed on the Huangpu River. I decided to create a theme for it is an incredible encounter, is about the time and place. There are so many differences in various aspects.

I compare the real event with the upcoming drama. Using different locations, different times and different encounters as elements, the picture is illustrated and a series of VIs are designed.
The project won second prize in the visual communication category of the 2018 Student Innovation Competition.

Due to the interactive nature of the immersive play, this visual system was designed to include more than just posters/tickets/advertising/peripherals. It contains more props used in the interactive process of the play.
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We designed 3 types of boat tickets for users who bought tickets for different classes of drama, including different interactive services.

First Class Audience: can enjoy a nice dinner on board and get more casino chips and money to spend onboard than other users. And maybe used as props for interaction with the actors.
Second Class Audience: get a small number of chips and money for bar tasting.
Third Class Audience: receive a small amount of chips user interactive experience.

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The length of this immersive play is 3 and a half hours. The audience has 3 chances to follow the main plotline in addition to being able to participate in the public facilities on the cruise ship to interact and trigger the hidden plot. The facilities include a casino, bar, dining room, captain's room and more.

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Therefore, we also designed interactive props, casino chips, and coins.
The coins are available in 4 denominations: $1 / $10 / $20 / $100.

I drew different illustrations for the different denominations of coins. Based on the two timelines, I drew 2 groups of 4 illustrations each, for a total of 8 illustrations.
The first timeline is the real Titanic, and the 4 sets of illustrations are Iceberg / Discovering icebergs / Touching icebergs / Sinking.
The second timeline is the Titanic in Shanghai, alluding to the unfolding of this immersive play. 4 illustrations are paired with images of cruising the two sides of the Huangpu River in Shanghai. Includes City view / Departure / Stopover / Return.
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The audience will get a different number of coins for immersive interaction in the initial state according to the ticket level they purchased. Later on, more or fewer coins can be earned depending on the cruise interaction, such as spending money in the casino and bars. To enhance the immersive experience, only the funds we designed can be used in the interaction, not the real coins.
As well, we have designed a passport for each audience member with a different identity to board the ship. People can not only learn about the role they play and the real history in the passport but also get a stamp as a souvenir by triggering a hidden plot in the immersive drama.

We designed a total of 10 types of stamps, i.e. 10 hidden episodes. Whether each performance triggers a hidden plot or not is related to the interactive behavior the audience makes with the actors on that day. Therefore, many audience members chose to purchase tickets to the play multiple times to participate in this immersive experience in order to collect our stamps, which also greatly enhanced the audience's interest and discussion.

We have also designed a ticket gift box for those who purchase tickets for this play. Contents include: Tickets / Invitation / Passport / Money / Chips.
Due to the special nature of this play. There is also a special gift box for some of the performance venues. The gift box is limited. The number of gift boxes will not exceed the number of performances. Because the audience can purchase the role of the female lead, the entire troupe of actors will use their acting skills to lead the audience as the female lead through the entire storyline. The tickets are unique to each performance, so the box is designed to include a replica "Heart of the Ocean" necklace as a souvenir. The ticket is priced at 200,000 yen for a single performance. The production team will customize the costumes for the gift box users a week in advance and send a luxury antique car to transport them on the day of the performance to increase the immersive experience of the play. 【Related information can be found in the venue information and news】

Finally, in addition to the design for the audience of this play, we also designed an archive for the troupe to record the play's activities. A lighter version of the event booklet was designed with the play, press releases, stills, and feedback from some of the invited experience customers.
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