BOC Insurance / CPIC Insurance Partner - Pet Insurance Brands
Brand Identity System
Branding, UI & UX Design (App / Web)
I designed this brand's visual identity. In 2018, This brand was officially put into commercial use. At the same time, brand-related web pages and interface design have also been put into formal use. Has been put into use of the web design, continuous update.

IPETTA is the official insurance provider of the China Pet Culture Festival - Beijing Station. It provides a safe and comfortable environment for all visitors to the exhibition.
2020-2021 Winner of the A' Design Award, #113508 Ipetta Brand Identity. 
This brand icon design is based on the appearance of a pet (not limited to cats or dogs), placed in the shape of a house to give a sense of safety and protection. To achieve the effect of promoting the role of pet insurance.
Includes branded office supplies and brand guide manuals in both English and Chinese.
Promotional folders and display racks are usually used to promote insurance brand stores. They are readily available for customers to pick up and use. Due to the growing popularity of online enrollment and e-policies, the majority of customers in China prefer to learn about insurance content online. So the visual scale of the insurance QR code is increased and enlarged.
As a gift from pet insurance, a small number of pet lifestyle products are available under this brand. Since they are ancillary products, the appearance of the products basically adopts the strategy of emphasizing the insurance brand in order to achieve the purpose of users' interest and attention to pet insurance. These ancillary products include products such as maintenance products for pet hair care, food bowls, towels, and soft pads, using materials and materials that are absolutely safe for pets and humans.
In addition to working on Ipetta Insurance's brand identity design and derivatives design, I also helped the brand with web design, building the official website, and e-store (Taobao), and adapting the responsive website pages for mobile formats.

The web functionality is divided into three main areas: brand introduction, e-insurance/checking insurance status, and events and related product sales.

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