School Project - Atlanta Botanical Garden 
Campaign Design
2023.01 (3-week Duration)
This project is based on the Atlanta Botanical Garden's plan to expand Bringing the Garden to the Beltline in 2023 until 2026, and is a campaign to bring awareness to a wider audience about the Atlanta Botanical Garden's 7-acre expansion to Beltline and Predmont Avenue. The project will last for a long time. The main issue for the designers was how to keep the interest and freshness of the facility during the four-year construction period.
Extension 1: Out-of-Home Street Mural
Based on the perspective of building facilities and making more people aware of it. This project will last until the end of 2026. There will be some fences around the construction site, which we choose are perfect for posters and promotional content.
Extension 2: City Loop Transit-Beltline
In line with what the CEO of the Arboretum said, creating a more walkable, bikeable and livable urban environment, with reduced reliance on automobiles as Atlanta's population continues to grow. The timely change of annual or seasonal labels will keep the project fresh in viewers' minds and highlight how the expanded portion of the Arboretum will bring a wealth of new plant species and landscapes to the Beltline. At the same time, the choice of this method will expand the user base and bring more visitors to the Beltline tour bus.
Extension 3: Packing Design
Based on the audience and marketing revenue generation perspective, I think it is very suitable to put brand advertising and promotional posters on the Botanical Garden's own products. For example, the packaging of bouquets and seeds.
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