Independent Project
Typographic Voice & Visual Narrative
The full version of this project is a book design of over 400 pages. The purpose of this project is to extract the text on the label and redesign it in a new context. More importance is given to the typographic positions on how we can play with type and organic abstract strokes in a more dynamic way. The project is divided into 5 steps and each step pushes the complexity of the design to a new level. I choose Campbell’s Well Yes Roasted Chicken with Rice wrapper as my type composition study project. For these steps, I am allowed to use type only but with different sizes, weights, and assistant element like lines. I have used Helvetica & Adobe Garamond as my major typeface.
Creative Communication Awards:

Step 1: Use text content for basic layout.
Use 2 columns, 3 columns, 4 columns of text paragraphs and different sizes of text headings for a variety of combinations.
Step 2: Combine textures and materials for typography.
By adjusting the orientation, size, and spacing of the text, try break the basic typographic rules of columns and columns, and make the text and texture combine to create a wonderful visual change.
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Step 3: Use collage form to show the content in pop style.
By combining collage images, the poster will have a deeper meaning. Combine brand history, social environment, product content and target vision to experiment with various combinations of visuals.
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