1. Legacy Holistic Health Institute
2. The Levanter
3. Brandi Hunter Luxury Group
4. Protect Democracy
5. Yolanda Shiphrah Kadima Foundation
Internship Work for Creative Juice that the Top Marketing Agency in Atlanta
Social Media Design / Posters / Banner / Logo Design / Typography
When I was an intern at Creative Juice, adviced with clients to define brand strategies, build strong cultures, execute integrated marketing programs and enable sales teams. Utilized design skills to deliver measurable, meaningful, and sustainable business performance, including web, digital & multimedia design, rewards & recognition programs, and go-to-market strategy & advertising.
Project 1: promotional ads for Legacy Holistic Health Institute for use on LinkedIn / IG / Facebook and other social platforms, now released and in use.
Project 2: Post for The Levanter for social media platforms, as well as a newsletter campaign for regular email campaigns and subscriptions, has been released and is now in use.
Project 3: Newsletter campaign for regular mailings and subscriptions for Brandi Hunter Luxury Group, now released and in use.
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