Part-time Work for EveryArt that the Top all-media art community platform in China
Social Media Design / Posters / Banner / Logo Design / Typography
When I was a part-time graphic designer at EveryArt, I advised clients in designing graphics, illustrations, and other visual elements to enhance the platform's aesthetics and user experience. Designing promotional materials such as posters, flyers, and social media graphics to attract new users and engage the existing community.Offering constructive feedback and critique on artwork submitted by other community members to foster artistic growth and collaboration.Designing event posters, digital invitations, and other materials for community events, contests, or exhibitions hosted by the platform.
Exhibition Overview
◻️ Artists' Group Exhibition "The Phantom Sound in the Vortex" is now open for viewing. Curated by renowned independent curator Chen Pofan and organized by FangYin Art, the exhibition is co-organized by Shanghai Bailian Asset Holding Company Limited, Hundred Spaces Hong Kong Road, and EveryArt. It features nearly 50 pieces of artwork by 19 artists.

◻️ Contemporary Art Group Exhibition "The Phantom Sound in the Vortex" is a listening session that has nothing to do with grand narratives and a certain deep-rooted call. It is the tingling sensation of the skin and the obstruction of the throat. The artists use their creations to intertwine and generate a world full of memories, ideals, romance, and disorientation, which are furrows crossed on the vortex of reality and express the individual emotion of the moment in the silent music. They are grooves scratched on the whirlpool of reality, expressing the individual emotions of the moment in silent music.

◻️ On the opening day of May 10th, the organizers held a unique international cultural experience, combining art and culture, creating an unforgettable "journey" of art and culture for the guests.
◼️Artists: Cui Wenshu|Chai Minfang|Chen Chao|Dong Shuai|Du Jianhua Guo Xiaojun|Luoyu|Peipei Perak|Wang Qiyun|Wang Chengwei Wu Sijun|Xi Menon|Xu Yihuan|Xue Donghan|Yan Wei Ye Shengpo|Yifeng|Yin Weilin|Yang Fang
◼️ Curator: Chen Pofan
◼️ Organizer: Fangyin Art
◼️ Co-Organizer: Shanghai Bailian Asset Holding Company Limited, Hundred Space Hong Kong Road, EveryArt
◼️ Media Support: EveryArt
◼️ Exhibition Period: 2024.5.10-2024.6.10
◼️ Exhibition Venue: 501B, No. 117 Hong Kong Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai 
◻️ The main guests were Mr. Ye Jianjun, Executive Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Bailian Commercial Management Co., Ltd, Mr. Federico Brusau, Commercial Consul and Ms. Li Ruiyuan, Commercial Officer of Consulate General of the Argentine Republic in Shanghai, Mr. Martin, Representative of Andean Canyon Winery, Argentina, Mr. Zheng Kaiyu, General Manager of Shanghai Xichayu Trading Co. Mr. Zheng Kaiyu, Ms. Yang Fang, Artist & Co-Founder of EveryArt, as well as artists and friends who participated in the exhibition, representatives of brands, intermediaries and other partners. Nearly 100 people attended the event, and the exhibition will last until June 10th.
Project 1:艺术对谈 | What kind of expectations do we place on art?
Project 2:想象明日 | Imagine Tomorrow Artwork Call
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Project 3:第二届回声主题展 | Second Echo Theme Exhibition
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Exhibition Overview
▪️ The propagation of sound waves in the air is like an explorer's quest in an unknown field. When they touch the surface of various objects, they will be reflected back, forming the so-called "echoes." These echoes are not simple sound repetitions but unique traces of sound in space, a silent dialog between sound and space. Similarly, when our voice meets and resonates with the hearts of others, it will leave a deep imprint on our hearts, which is an exchange and collision between emotion and emotion.
Resonance, this magical phenomenon, can be seen as a hidden dialog between sound waves and the mind. It is not only the response of sound on the physical level but also the vibration and reverberation triggered by the sound deep inside. In the vast universe, every sound is looking for a partner who can resonate with it, and this tacit understanding and harmony is the most precious bond between sound and mind.
In this noisy era, we look forward to exploring the mystery of resonance and the ineffable connection between the artist's voice and the heart by organizing EveryArt's second exhibition on the theme of "Echo." Therefore, we sincerely invite artists to submit works related to the theme of "Echo." There is no limitation on the subject matter and form of the artwork. We look forward to seeing artworks that can touch people's hearts and make the audience pay more attention to their inner world and listen to their inner voices.
We firmly believe that sound resonance with the heart is a wonderful experience that cannot be expressed in words. Let's come to the second "Echo" exhibition together, feel the power of resonance, and explore the marvelous connection between sound and mind!
Project 4:非常欢喜宴会客厅 杨放个展 | Solo Exhibition of Artist Yang Fang
▫️ Artist: Yang Fang
▫️ Curator: Chen Pofan
▫️ Exhibition Visual Designer: Yue Dong
▫️ Media Support: EveryArt
▪️ Exhibition Hours: 2024.4.27-2024.5.17
▪️ Meeting time: 2024.5.4 & 2024.5.11‍
▪️Organizer: Bund Contemporary-Art Lab
▪️ Exhibition Address: Hongkou District, Shanghai - North Bund - No.61 Yangshupu Rd.
Exhibition Overview
▪️ "Joy" is the aura that Yang Fang and her works emanate. At the same time, brilliant colors and childlike images are the symbols that pop up in our minds when we talk about Yang Fang as an artist, like a kind of troubadour of the dream world who keeps telling us interesting stories and memories belonging to that world. Images are the carriers of the stories, the channels for us to enter that world, and at the same time, they are also the way to translate the "negative" of this shore. By "attaching" images to the skin of different materials, their inner souls are being translated... By "attaching" images to the skin of different materials, their inner souls are translated - the rocks become "elves," the tables and chairs give birth to emotions and become "living" things - this is the magic of painting and the descent of art. This is the magic of painting and the descending of art. Thus, everything has a "language," which tells the people and things that are "happy" and "joyful." Yang Fang's creations are not rationally static but follow the echo of sensibility in action, which is derived from the artist's personal experience of life and is the illusion of existence. 
Through the pursuit of illusion, Yang Fang endeavors to show the world properly, which is a deepening from improvisation to universality and a kind of release from the "attic" into the "parlor." So the work and the crowd meet here; the "joyful" image of consciousness meets the universal crowd; there is no performance here; there is only a kind of communication and mutual birth. In Yang Fang's works, "intergeneration" is urgent and necessary. It is storytelling and listening based on equality, in which the artist is both an internal and external storyteller and a listener of the works and the crowd, and the creation becomes a never-ending "program," a revelation of the past. Thus, creation becomes a never-ending "project," a look back to the past and a hope for the future. The "Very Joyful Parlor" is an integral part of the "project," a stopping point in Yang Fang's career, but it is also a node of possibility for re-linking. Under this premise, the exhibition will present a "movable" gesture to create more artistic possibilities in a dialogical context. Thus, whether it is a stone or an "object," how to create an open "parlor state" of art becomes the core of this exhibition. The "parlor" is an "invitation" to all, a positive response to the future, in "joy,"  "openness," "Happiness," and "openness." In the context of "joy," "happiness," and "openness," it knocks on the long unopened "door of the heart."
Project 5:2024五一劳动节 EveryArt贺图 | International Worker's Day Poster
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