Atlanta Frankie Allen Park 
Rebranding & Wayfinding & Event Design
This is the project of re-identifying a public space, Frankie Allen Park, an Atlanta local park, for which a new wayfinding system and activities, and events, can be developed to address the existing wayfinding system. Design a visual system that aids in solving the problem/challenge.
Creative Communication Awards:
Identify the characteristics of the park as design elements and create a logical visual guide system to help users understand the parking structure and area functions more quickly. Enhance the intimacy of this public space.
Based on the rebranding, I also used these visual elements when designing the associated guide map and service information for Frankie Allen Park. The visual style of the brand remains consistent.
The following design includes a brief history of the park and the reasons for the several changes in Frank Allen Park's name over time. A topographic map of the park's public roads, public services, visitor center, indoor training facility, and surroundings are included.
Visual signage was designed for the public areas that appear on the signage and maps to help visitors distinguish and locate functional areas within the park.
Posters and social media ads were created to promote public events and activities at Frankie Allen Park.
In addition to its rich and lush vegetation areas, the park has four standard outdoor baseball fields that regularly host baseball games for youth and adult teams. There are also indoor training areas and facilities around the baseball fields.
The park is also equipped with more than four large tennis courts and a children's recreation facility. It is a social common area with a high degree of openness and sports experience.
Regular tournaments/events are held to rejuvenate the park which has been affected by the outbreak. Choose the representative color of the activity so that it shows vitality and positivity.
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