Atlanta Science Museum 
Visual System Design & Exhibition Design
This project is a derivative astronomical exhibition based on a popular science paper on the effect of gravity on light in black holes. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to gain a quick and in-depth visual understanding of this profound astronomical topic and content.
London International Creative Competition:
This exhibition discusses and explores the connection between gravity & changes in light & black holes, hence the design of 3 series of posters.
Viewers can see 2 styles of promotional posters through different perspectives of the front and back. One part consists of a poster of real black holes & light distortion photos taken by the Hubble Telescope, and the other part depicts scientists aerospace practitioners with a tireless spirit of exploration.
The materials used to promote the exhibition also included simple data analysis and illustrations to attract the interest of visitors to the exhibition.
Use different colored wall signs to distinguish between staff and audience. In case of emergency, it allows the audience to quickly find the staff in the crowd and seek help.
Tickets for the exhibition are divided into adult tickets and children's tickets. The ticket clearly shows the price and exhibition time to give tips to exhibition users.
The Exhibition Business Card and Invitation Card / Bookmarks with exhibition introduction, address, and telephone number can be taken by visitors free of charge, and also used for pre-show promotion. 
While viewing the exhibition, clients can access information such as textual explanations of the works, concept notes, and thesis documents through tri-folders/brochures to help make the exhibition experience better.
The exhibition has a variety of highly practical derivatives so that visitors can have a memorable and continuous experience after the completion of the exhibition.
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