Georgia Institute of Technology - Cooperation Project
User Interface Design & Parts User Experience Research
UI Design, Figma, Trello
2021 (Oct 15 - 30)   |  2 Weeks
This project is a 2-week design challenge focusing on a female-friendly share ride application.
A woman who is concerned with safety during a rideshare experience needs to know ways of feeling more safe due to the fear of being attacked while traveling alone.
How might we improve the rideshare experience so that women can feel safe while waiting for pick up, during the ride and after leaving.

What I have learned
During the JoyRide project, we tried to really address the needs of the users, simplifying the complicated functions of the share-ride, keeping the basic travel functions, and emphasizing the peace of mind and safety of the journey. The main challenge for us was to work together as a team on ideas and visual design, but all in all it went well. 

Expectations & Next Step
We collected, organized, and analyzed research data from different sources in the work of this project. By applying various research methods to find users' pain points and analyze substantive issues. The design results were also refined by obtaining feedback from potential users. This validates the user-centered design approach and expects to apply the same design approach to other platforms and designs.
Click the link to see prototype: PNOfD3In9VD0ok/JoyRide?page-id=1 30%3A1327&node-id=130%3A3299&s tarting-point-node-id=130%3A3299

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