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Visual Design Intern Projects
Illustration, Typography, Information Design, Data Visualization
These projects acquire material through different forms of photography, field visits, and research. As a visual designer, I organized and distilled the material and redesigned the visual structure. A visual deconstruction of events helps people to understand the events and facilities.All works have been publicly published.
Project 1:Shanghai five-year urban development planning visual project
The original newspaper illustration was a huge 1.5*2m watercolor illustration, which was done by me and 3 colleagues from the Visual Center. The illustration is a river scene along the Huangpu River in Shanghai, China. It shows the changes in Shanghai's urban planning over the past 5 years. The hand-drawn illustration was typeset into the newspaper content in digital format using a scan.This project is a key project for the May 2017 issue of Liberation Daily.
Project 2:Domestic aircraft C919 visual project​​​​​​​
This visual visualization was used for a news report on the successful maiden flight of China's self-developed C919 large passenger aircraft on May 5, 2017. In the process of visualization, our team visited Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd. several times for interviews and research. to develop an accurate and realistic visualization to popularize this significant event to the public.
The C919 aircraft is China's first single-aisle large mainline passenger aircraft developed in full compliance with advanced international airworthiness standards, with China's full independent intellectual property rights. With a maximum range of more than 5,500 kilometers, its performance is comparable to that of the mainstream single-aisle passenger aircraft of the international new generation.
In the process of visualization, we strictly follow the real data for illustration, and explain some of the data and professional equipment terminology. In order to achieve the basic requirement that news visualization strives for readers to be able to understand the news content.
Project 3:The International equestrian festival visual project​​​​​​​
This project was used for press coverage before the 2017 Shanghai Global Equestrian Games. It explains the content of the equestrian competition, the competition process, the requirements for participation, and the criteria. It includes popularizing the basic knowledge of equestrianism to readers.
Project 4:A new tool for building tunnels - the shield machine
This project explains how the new equipment used by the construction team, the shield machine, has helped in the construction of the city and the advantages and working principle of its equipment. The use of the shield machine speeds up the construction process and efficiency, and also reduces the difficulty and danger of construction. A more professional and safe way to complete urban infrastructure construction in a faster way is one of the important processes of urban development in Shanghai.
Project 5:Deep dive 10,000 meters of scientific research equipment
This project was used for the news report of "Rainbow Fish", China's first full ocean depth unmanned probe. It is another major milestone in China's independent research and development of scientific research equipment. This visual item is used to illustrate how the equipment can help scientific research and to explain to readers how the equipment works.
Project 6:Shanghai Chongming Fishery
This project explains the infrastructure of the Chongming fishery in Shanghai and its role, and informs the reader about the working model and the special aquatic products produced in the Chongming fishery.

Explaining the workflow and workings of machines, events, and activities directly to readers is very boring. With the help of visual design, it speeds up readers' understanding of news content and makes reading more efficient and interesting.
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