Personal Project
Cultural Identity - Chinese Lunar New Year Greeting Custom
Brochure & Emoticon Design
There are many strange customs and greetings for the New Year in China. This includes elders and friends who ask about topics that make you feel stressed and anxious. In China, there are more than 300 million discussions on social media about how to deal with the interrogation of elders before the New Year every year. Even on Instagram, there are over 3.8 million discussions. It is a topic of universal nature. When people get a handle on these topics and how to respond, they can quickly integrate into the Chinese New Year.
This is a "teach me" project. We discuss things or customs that other people may not know about. This project focuses on the interrogation and greeting from elders that young people encounter during Chinese New Year, and discusses this custom in a fun way with a booklet and dynamic emoticons.
This work is published in the Spring 2021 issue of SCAN magazine.
The concept was to design a set of ads for social media discussion that illustrates some of the troubling concerns that Chinese people encounter during this time of the year, and that resonates very easily with younger users. It was a near-flirtatious way to show how people respond to the problems of their elders.
As more and more people are willing to learn about China's interesting folk culture and even spend an interesting time in China, I used a combination of Chinese and English to show people from different cultural backgrounds the problems they might encounter. These questions may make people feel offended, but in Chinese culture, it is a kind of concern from elders to children. The main colors of this design work are red and yellow, which represent China, and the illustrations show the exaggerated movements and expressions of the users to achieve a witty visual effect.
Part of the dynamic visual effects:
These fun dynamic visuals are based on the character dynamics in each graphic design. These GIFs can be used on social platforms such as Weibo, IG, Wechat, and even TikTok.
Social Media Showcase
P 1 - 2 Weibo App
P 3 - 5 Wechat App
In addition to being used for social media tag discussions, these card-style designs can also be used as cultural promotional cards or in the form of brochures.
Part of the dynamic visual effects:
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