SCAD PRO - 48-Hour Challenge MURAL DESIGN
Illustration, Typography
2020. 12
Create a visual language & mural proposal for Morsco Co. and its 3 subsidiaries in December 2020. And mural design for the new sales stores opening in 2021 and for the company's interior.
MORSCO is a leading U.S. distributor of commercial and residential plumbing, waterworks, and HVAC, with showrooms across the country. Our design solution was to use the subsidiary's brand colors with visual graphics of the plumbing to create a mural graphic that ties in with the visual identity of the main office.
These murals are mainly used for the decoration and identification of the brand's new product stores, factories, and offices. As we can see in the rendering, this group of graphics has a very powerful stitching function for different occasions, different sizes of walls, as well as a good visual expression on different materials as well. Subsidiaries can match a variety of combination styles of murals according to the needs of business cooperation.
Along with the mural design for MORSCO Co., we also created a number of derivatives and promotional items for the promotion of the new store. This included a list of MORSCO Co.'s existing products and a new product introduction brochure/monthly magazine for customers.
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