Personal Project
Social Concern Activity Design
Branding, UI & UX Design (App / Web)
A public welfare project helps people recognize the source of stress.
I decided to design the identity for stressed people to help them find their sense of social identity, to know that they are not alone in facing stress, and to learn to positively deal with and improve their lives under pressure. I also decided to design a simple event to give people access to give feedback about their current stress, which maintains the event to be sustainable.
This project not only simplifies the source of stress but also visually makes people realize that the details of life are putting pressure on you. I hope people realize that it is very simple to change the details of life and make life more active and enjoyable.
【This section is being revamped and updated. Stay tuned.】
My main design element is the spring, as a way to illustrate that people are under different stresses in different aspects of their lives, and at the same time people can regulate their stress & pressure.
This is the main visual I designed for this campaign, as well as the formal language.
It is paired with two sets of posters that announce ways to express stress.
All the icons that appear in the main visuals and posters were designed independently by me. This is the instruction manual for icons, graphic combinations. It explains the size, details, colors of the icons, including the choice of fonts used in the visuals.
With this theme, I tried to launch a social media campaign #pressure bomb, calling on people to share stressful events in their lives, and how to relieve & solve stressful problems. It will be an inspiration to others.
To make the campaign more interesting and to enable a wider audience interested in the topic of stress to understand the sources of stress and some reasonable ways to solve it, I created a related themed webpage to educate users about the science and share the content.
The APP is more of a promotion channel, based on the mini-game of users' DIY creation of stressful scenes in their lives, so as to attract more users to be interested in the topic of stress. In the app, we advocate the audience to build their own stressful life scenes by randomly combining different illustration elements, such as work scenes, overtime scenes, traffic stress, etc. The app will intelligently calculate and give the user reasonable feedback through the result of the audience's combination of elements. By changing some elements in the stressful scenarios, it will help to relieve stress. This is also very useful for people to learn to control stress relief.
This is the site of the 2018 design exhibition in Shanghai, where I also stopped by as the author during the exhibition to give a detailed talk to the visitors and some of the clients.
I also do this by displaying printed materials at the show that are helpful in improving lifestyles and relieving stress. For example, pamphlets that record ways to reduce stress, game boxes that provide behavioral advice, calendars with lively illustrations and tips, etc. These contents have been well received by many young Chinese people.
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