MUSEO DELL’OMBRELLO E DEL PARASOLE (An umbrella museum in Italy) 
Event Poster Design
2020. 10
This series of promotional posters were designed for the Museo dell'ombrello e del Parasole, an umbrella museum in Italy. The pavilion features an exhibition about the evolution of the umbrella and its impact on human life, exploring the different structures and materials, and designs of umbrellas.
Creative Communication Awards:
London International Creative Competition:
Umbrellas are an indispensable part of people's daily lives.
Their creation dates back more than 3,000 years. As people's needs changed and technology evolved, umbrellas began to evolve into different forms. From decorative umbrellas to gift umbrellas, from sunshades to umbrellas, from umbrellas to folding umbrellas, it's all part of the history of umbrellas.
With the rapid development of industrial technology, the shape of the umbrella has changed dramatically in 100 years. This exhibition focuses on the types of modern umbrellas, materials, designs, and the impact of technology on the convenience of products and the ever-changing nature of human society.
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